Whiteboard Animation Doodle Videos

Whiteboard Animation 'Doodle' Videos are when someone draws on a whiteboard and makes a video from that drawing. Some whiteboard videos are slow-motion or even stop-motion drawings while someone narrates a story. These doodle videos are very effective in attracting and keeping user attention which is another reason why they are catching on like crazy. The videos are also sometimes called animated doodling or video scribing videos with many style variations.

You can have your video start with a line drawing and then burst into a video showing just about anything. Our video above starts by drawing a cup of coffee and then explodes into a video of the cup being filled with coffee. All this while telling a story about an idea a business owner had while having a morning cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. This can be accompanied with back round music and narrative voice over if desired. We provide all these services and more along with quick turn around!!!

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