Website Builders vs Website Designers

Unseen Website and SEO problems

October 3, 2018

What is the best website builder?

You have a domain name now you need a website. You are thinking about a website builder, but which one? There are many to choose from and they make very impressive presentations. They are easy to use, some even provide templates and pictures. All you need to do is choose which one you want to use. Once you do, you are done.
Or are you?

Using a website builder has many advantages. I am not putting them down. They serve a good part of the website community. I just want to make you aware of what they may be costing you.

You decide to use the X website builder. You set up your account and after a few hours you have a beautiful website. After a few days you make a change or two so you can tweak it the way you want and you are done.

You wait for your website to get in the search engine results and check for it every day but you don't see any. Why? You keep looking but never see any change - what could be the problem?

A few months later you want to add a new page. So you log in and everything looks different, you don't see where to add a new page. You contact support and they tell you they can help you but there is a cost involved to get assistance. So you decide to move your website to a different company only to find out you have built your site on a prioritized builder that can't be moved to another host. Are you stuck? No, but because of what you did not know you do have a problem.

These are only a few problems that if you are not aware of can end up costing you - in more ways than one.

The question should be 'Who is the best website builder?' (or website designer)

What I have described above is just a portion of issues you should be aware of, including the picture at the top.
Some other issues to be aware of are:
- Speed of your website
- Do you have a secure domain
- Is your website mobile ready
- How are your social signals

A website builder will not be able to tell you information like this. In order to get these questions answered properly you will need to speak to a website designer. A website designer will be able to build you a complete website from your specs and also help you with content to add to your site (which is one of the difficult things to do on your webpages). Your website designer will make sure all your issues and problems are taken care of aswell as other items that you were not aware of.

After your new website is built he will be able to tell you the speed as well as any other details that you may want to know. The designer will also ask you a few more questions:
- Are you going to update your website pages yourself?
- Are you going to update your website plugins yourself? (A.K.A maintaining your site)
- Do you want your website designer to maintain your site for you?
- Do you want your website modified for Search Engine Optimization?
- Do you need your website designer to maintain your social signals for you?

These and many other questions will be asked by a good designer. You can save alot of time and effort by using the right website designer.


What a Smartphone App can do for your business!

November 11, 2017

Will an Android and iPhone app help your business?
By using just a few features it will save you time and money if done correctly. The good news is that you will find out that your business will run more efficiently which in turn will also help your bottom line.

The ROI benefit of your business app depends on your business, but an increase is certain.

For Hotels an app will make it easier to fill more rooms, give your guests info about your hotel and the local features in the area and so much more.

For Restaurants / Cafe's informing your diners of specials and discounts will help to get seats filled quicker, show menus and make reservations.

For Service businesses using Android and iPhone Business App Development will help with making appointments, providing private access to customers which will allow them to obtain more info about current issues as well as providing better ways of connection.

These are just a few examples of the types of businesses we can help. As you can see, an Android and iPhone Business App Development App for your business is worth discussing. Give us a call for a free consultation about what we can do the increase your business and improve your efficiency.

Watch the video above for more info.

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SEO Draws Attention of Search Engines

Protecting yourself - What to look for.

January 18, 2017

Do you have one of those free email addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

If you do, protecting your information just got harder.

Below is a link to an article published by Wordfence - one of the best resources of internet security protection.

The article deals with how over the past holiday many people had email accounts compromised when they clicked on an image in an email that someone they knew sent them and were taken to a duplicate looking website asking you to sign in again. When you do your email account has been compromised.

Please Click Here to read the full story.

Contact us if you have any questions.

How well is your Local Video SEO ranking?

December 8, 2016

Our Local Video SEO Marketing services company can help get your video's to rank high on the search engines by using our video seo services.

What did you say - you don't have a video - No problem. We will create one for you.

Our Digital Video SEO services production abilities are so easy we can produce an 'on-site video' with great results for giving you a revenue producing end product to attract more customers. SEO and Video are the trend and your business will need to search for video SEO companies in order to survive. We provide very quick turnaround when you use our video seo service.

What can a Local Video SEO company do for your company?

  • Use Local Video SEO to Answer your customers most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Use Local Video SEO to Give your customers advice on the best way to use your product
  • Use Local Video SEO to Show customers who you are and what you do
  • and many many more ...

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How is your website ranking?

August 7, 2016

Great, alright or poor. these are the answers I get when I ask this question but the first answer is given the least. Why you may ask. The truth is internet search engines are changing the algorithms all the time and this causes changes that need to be made to your website which is why SEO - Search Engine Optimization is so hard. Basic SEO is simple to maintain. You choose your keywords, create your content around these keywords and upload your page to your website, complete your search engine submission and hope the searchers on the internet search engines find you.

Using the SEO basics approach leaves a lot to chance. You need to make sure you have the correct seo strategy. Making sure you have the proper On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO as well as all the other items being needed to meet this week’s internet search engines algorithms rules is a very time consuming task. This task is best left to services provided by your local digital marketing agency.

To help your website ranking your seo strategy needs to meet this weeks rules and by using the proper seo techniques for local seo ranking you can accomplish that goal. As I said, this is a time consuming task so it is best if you can find a local digital marketing agency to provide this service for you.

By using a local seo service, from your digital marketing agency, you can increase your website rankings. Local seo service companies provide better seo results because they are up to date on the internet search engines changes and can quickly apply changes to your website to keep you in high website rankings. Using proper white hat seo methods along with on page seo and off page seo structures can help your website rank higher.

Save money!!!
We are a local video seo service company that has helped many companies increase video seo and website ranking. We can help you. Contact us today for a FREE 17 minute consultation!

Updated Site gets SEO Boost

May 12, 2016

How many page one listings do you have?

This month we finished an industrial website for an acoustical supply company. They had a few issues they wanted to correct. The most important issue was that the form on the website was not getting filled in as much as they wanted and the website was not responsive so they were being penalized by Google in ranking higher.
Our solution started by doing a site audit to be aware of any other issues the site had and to correct all of these problems as we re-designed the website and made the website fully responsive. The site audit showed many issues one of which was showing the keywords being ranked for did not work for attracting the customer base that this industrial supplier catered to. We ran extensive keyword analysis and found many keywords that helped in optimizing the site as well as boosting the SEO.

The final outcome showed a fully responsive website. In week 2 Google showed 2 listings for one of the keywords on page one. After one month, one of the keywords dominated page 1 with 6 listings in position 1 thru 6. The filling out of forms has gone up over 50% and our new customer is extremely happy with their newfully responsive website redesign!
Boost your SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO Specialists

February 27, 2016

On the way to the Top.

What is the best way to reach page 1 when you have a new website? Organically! That means not buying traffic or ads, no fancy stuff - just creating the best content you can and tweaking it till you get to page one.

In the past we have shown examples of some of the websites we have powered to a page 1 ranking in the search engines. This is an example of a new website to being on page one for a highly competitive, high priced (over $12.00 per click) keyword with over 14,000 local searches per month. I want you to understand what I just said. You would have to buy online ads at the rate of over $14,000 per month to do what was done here - Organically!

So start trimming your online budget and Contact Us Today!

November 11, 2015

What is an Search Engine Optimization Specialist?

No matter the size of your business, if you use a website for sales or marketing you need an Search Engine Optimization Specialist. The SEO expert is a consultant who has been in the search engine optimization field for quite some time and understands all levels of Search Engine Optimization. This consultant must also understand all levels of your company - analytics, IT, sales, marketing, customer service etc. Someone who wants to know the reason why you are ranking at that position and how to make it better.

A Connecticut expert Search Engine Optimization specialist should have extensive knowledge of:

Search Engine Optimization services in CT
Local Search Engine Optimization for each CT town
Search engine optimization in CT
Web design in CT
Responsive web design in CT
Search Engine Optimization responsive website design in CT
Website optimization in CT
Internet marketing in CT
Online marketing CT
Search Engine Optimization specialist CT
Search Engine Optimization consultant CT

Search engine optimization has changed drastically in recent months due to all the new algorithm changes Google has been implementing. These new rules have caused many websites to be penalized causing them to loose the high position they once had and move them down to a much lower ranking. A search engine optimization expert has spent many years seeing the different changes that have been implemented and studied the best ways to correct and or prevent these new changes from affecting the websites they manage. A search engine optimization expert knows how to put your site at the top of the search engine for the keyword you would like to rank for AND keep your site at the top. Do you need an SEO Consulting Specialist? Contact us today for a free website evaluation and consultation and see how much we can help raise your SEO results.

Search Engine Optimization gets results for CT

October 27, 2015

Search Engine Optimization follow up:

Search engine optimization - SEO marketing is one way to provide more exposure to your website by using 'organic' seo or 'natural' seo. This means the ability to direct search engine traffic to your website using the search engines natural organic results - natural SEO or organic SEO. To do this you need to find the best local seo specialist.

The search engine shows results for a simple keyword request. They will be displayed based on formulas the search engine has programmed into the search engine results system. The formulas are known as algorithms. They determine what results will be displayed first, second and so on. The search engine algorithms provide certain rules that your website should follow in order for your website to be displayed closer to the top position usind SEO. The algorithms rules are subject to change and is the reason you need to maintain your SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Services CT and MA

A Search Engine Optimization or SEO specialist uses the knowledge of the search engine rules to develop your content to comply with the algorithms thus providing best SEO. One of the simplest rules to follow is to create great content and enforce that content with great keywords to bring you the SEO results you are looking for. If you follow all the rules you have a great chance of getting to the top spot. Getting the best local SEO result can be even harder depending on the keyword you want to rank for.